Our friends at Fandango Groovers Movies Blog (http://fandangogroovers.wordpress.com/) recently sent out a challenge: Choose your favorite year for movies, and back it up with five films. Seems easy enough, but there are so many great years. After much debate, here is my pick, and the five reasons why. Love me or hate me, it’s 1997.
Titanic – Tied for a record number of Oscar wins (11); #2 in all-time Box Office (only beaten by another Cameron film); Is there anything this film doesn’t have? (Adventure, suspense, action, love, romance, violence, past events, present events, etc…); It still makes my eyes water up (you know it gets you too); “I’m the king of the world.”, “I want you to draw me in this…only this.”, “Sit over on the bed-er, the couch, the couch.”, “I’ll never let go”.
As Good As It Gets – Won Oscars for BOTH Best Actor and Best Actress, and they couldn’t have been more deserved, for their performances are  both so dimensional, heartfelt, and complete comedic heaven; The script is simply fantastic, it moves like a bullet and crunches the jugular with its biting wit; “You make me want to be a better man.”; Melvin on writing women do successfully: “I start with a man. Then I take away reason and accountability.”
Good Will Hunting - A wonderfully smart and witty script by two kids who couldn’t have given a better acceptance speech at the Oscars; Robin Williams is fantastic; I can’t resist movies about smart people, and Will Hunting is as smart as they come; “I gotta go see about a girl.”, “How do you like them apples?”.
Boogie Nights – Paul Thomas Anderson is simply amazing at handling an ensemble cast; The film is deep, disturbing, serious, and yet wildly hilarious…and oh yeah, it’s about porn; Features one of the most anticipated shots to end the film.
Life Is Beautiful – Rarely does a foreign language film get nominated for Best Picture; Rarely does a foreign language actor win the Oscar; Rarely can a film so successfully switch tones, from slapstick to heart-wrenching drama; Rarely can you laugh while watching a film about the Holocaust, and feel comfortable doing it; Cannes loved it, so it’s gotta be good!
There ya have it! Thoughts?
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