Any other actors in the lead role would have likely killed this film. Not nearly as charming or whimsical or comedic as the trailers would have you believe, Hope Springs is an all-too-safe examination of what marriage can look like after many, many, many years of being together. The direction is the culprit here, as scenes and dialogue that needed to linger…didn’t, and scenes that were unnecessarily cliche fluff went far too long. The story and characters therefore feel unbelievable at times, and situations arise without seemingly any conflict, or far too much. It’s all stop-starty, an annoying roller coaster ride toying with my emotions even though I know how it’s going to end, mostly. Opportunities to dig deeper were sorely missed, especially with such talents as Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep on board. Like I said before, they both do a fantastic job, especially Jones. I just wish they could have been given a chance to do more.

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