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It’s Halloween-time, and when the air gets colder and the nights get shorter, a scary movie with your pals sounds about perfect. For those who don’t want to get to the theatres to see “Sinister” this week, popping a spooky DVD in and wrapping up in a warm blanket is a sure bet. But what to watch?

You’ll hear the usual responses: “The Evil Dead“, “The Exorcist”, “Psycho”, “The Omen”, “The Blair Witch Project”, and so on and so forth. But who doesn’t at least already know the premise of most of these movies? Where’s the surprise when everyone already knows (SPOILER) that the leading lady gets it in the shower before we’re even halfway through the film?

View slideshow: Scenes from 2008′s taut thriller ‘Eden Lake’

So just for you, my fellow horror fans, and as much for myself as well, I have asked my fantastic circle of Twitter friends for suggestions. I asked them to tell me of the “greatest horror films you probably haven’t seen”, and the response was great. I can’t wait to start watching some of these titles, and to share them with you so that you can have a surprising evening of horror, at home under your favorite blanket.

Next up on our scary list, following “Martyrs“, “Session 9“, and others, is 2008′s “Eden Lake”. There is so much to be excited about with this film. It has a great cast, a great premise, a skilled director, and the trailer makes it obvious that this is a skillfully made and no-holds-barred kind of horror flick, the kind that pulls its dread and tension from its very real and possible premise. You’ll be asking yourself: “What if? What would I do?”. Many thanks go out to @Just_in_time3 for suggesting this thrilling game of cat-and-mouse…

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